Buccaneer Brownies Recipe + a GIVEAWAY from Melisser Elliott!

Buccaneer Brownies with Raspberry Candy Drizzle!

Well, hello, Melisser Elliott here. You may know me as the author of the Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life, the blogger behind Cruelty Free Face, the creator of Sugar Beat Sweets bakery, or hey, not at all! Regardless, I’ll be your guest blogger for the next few weeks, showing you how to sweeten up your life with recipes, giveaways, tasty tidbits, and more! In fact, stay tunes for a giveaway in THIS very blog post.

My first recipe is for the serious chocolate lover. We all know and love the nougat-filled Buccaneer bar, but what if you baked it in to a rich, fudgy brownie, then topped it with a Raspberry Candy drizzle? OH YES, I DID!

Buccaneer Brownies with Raspberry Candy Drizzle

1 3/4 cups Sugar
1/2 cup Canola Oil
2/3 Cup Water
2 tsp Vanilla

2 cups Flour
1 Tbsp flax seed meal (ground flax)
2/3 cup Cocoa Powder
3/4 tsp Baking Powder
3/4 tsp Salt

1 1/2 Buccaneer Bars, cut Recipes Stepsin to various size small pieces, no larger than dice.

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.

In a large bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients until smooth.
Add in the dry ingredients and stir until just mixed, taking care not to over-mix. The batter should be a thick dough-like consistency, not unlike cookie dough.
Fold in the Buccaneer bar pieces, then press the mixture in to a lightly greased or parchment lined 9×9 pan, and stick them in your pre-heated 350 degree oven.

Bake for about 35 minutes, taking care not to over-bake or they will be very hard!
They should look gooey in the center with a firm set edge & a crackled top.
Allow them to cool for 10 minutes, then get your drizzle on.

Raspberry Candy Drizzle:
1/2 Buccaneer Bar, chopped in small pieces
2 Tbsp Raspberry Jam
1 Tbsp Maple Syrup
A pinch of salt

Add all the ingredients to a small sauce pan.
On low heat, stir the mixture together constantly, taking care to melt the nougat and mix everything together.
Once everything is combined, drizzle it on to the cooling brownies.
The brownies should cool in the pan for at least 20 minutes before being removed, so the center can set.

TA-DA! You’ve now been given the key to ooey-gooey brownie bliss. Good luck sharing with friends, I sure didn’t!

I couldn’t tempt you with this tasty treat and not offer you the key ingredients to make it. That means TWO winners will win TWO of each Go Max Go Foods candy bar! That’s right, fourteen candy bars per winner and all you have to do is the following..

To Enter, comment on this blog post with the answer to this two-part question:
What are the two newest Go Max Go candy bar flavors AND where do you buy your Go Max Go bars?
The contest is open to US residents only. I will announce the two winners on Tuesday, February 11th, so be sure to check back to see if you won.

Until next time! x

144 Responses to “Buccaneer Brownies Recipe + a GIVEAWAY from Melisser Elliott!”

  1. Anonymous

    snap and thumbs up… have to try the thumbs up! Star grocery in Oakland CA and The natural foods store in Alameda, CA

    • pauline

      “Thumbs Up” & “Snap”. “Thumbs Up” I get from Naturalcandystore.com and all others I get at Wegmans Mechanicsburg, PA.

  2. Michele Erez

    snap and thumbs up… have to try the thumbs up! Star grocery in Oakland CA and The natural foods store in Alameda, CA

  3. Danielle

    The two newest flavors are thumbs up and snap- I’m in nyc so luckily anytime a craving strikes all I have to do is run to the nearest whole foods !

  4. Elise Perlin

    Yep, Snap! and Thumbs Up are the newest bars in town. I pick mine up at Miette (Hayes Valley) in San Francisco. Love these candy bars!!

  5. Teresa Freis

    Thumbs up and snap! I buy from brighter day or whole foods in savannah Georgia.

  6. Sandi

    SNAP! And Thumbs Up! (Which I still cannot find!!)

    I buy my Go Max Go bars at Whole Foods in Town & Country, MO. Yep, I drive 45 minutes for those beautiful bites of deliciousness!! πŸ˜‰

  7. Crystal Tate

    We are obsessed! Snap & Thumbs up already have my heart. We get our chocolate fix at Wheatsville Coop in Austin. If we won, we’d bring these to the office for everyone to enjoy. Love yall!

  8. Natalia

    Snap and Thumbs Up! I get mine at Wegman’s, but unfortunately both of the closest locations are almost an hour away πŸ™ But worth it!!!

  9. Lea

    The Thumbs Up (my favorite) and the Snap! are the newest…and I can’t wait for more…faux twix soon?

    • Lea

      Forgot to add that I buy mine at either the wf’s in Portland, ME, or at the Harvest Time in Augusta, ME, but I haven’t gone there in a long time.

  10. Shawn Leonard

    Snap & Thumbs up are the newes. Right now I get them from whole foods, but I am so excited that soon I will be able to get my fix from The Gentle Barn snack shop on Sundays

  11. Colleen R. Gray-Mackey

    Snap & Thumbs up. I buy my go max @ Newark natural foods

  12. kendra gue

    Snap and thumbs up! I get mine at whole foods when they have them or I order from vegan essentials.

  13. Anonymous

    Thumbs up and snap, I think?

    I am really annoyed that I do not currently own all of the ingredients to make these brownies.

    I buy Go Max Go bars at the Wegmans in Columbia, MD, usually. Though I tend to buy them anytime, anywhere that I see them!

  14. Lauren

    Snap and thumbs up are the two newbies πŸ™‚
    As for my candy source I have to get them online at the natural food candy store

  15. Lizzie

    Well, Thumbs Up, of course – which I waited so very eagerly for! Yay! And Snap, which I liked more than I expected to. I usually order my Go Max Go bars from Vegan Essentials.

  16. Jennie

    Snap and Thumbs Up. By the way, I literally cried with joy when I found and tried Thumbs Up.. I’d been craving a certain non-vegan peanut buttery toffee candy bar for ages. Unfortunately, I have to wait until I drive into the big city (Chicago or Des Moines) to get mine since no where in Iowa City carries them – I go to Go Grocery because most of the Whole Foods in Chicago don’t seem to stock them anymore (sadness).

  17. Ashley Alexander

    Snap & Thumbs Up! I shop at Whole Foods Old Town Alexandria, VA. Unfortunately they have only had one of the seven bars for several months now, down from 3 of 7 bars. So, I am sad to say I have not had a chance to try all of the yummy goodness, but maybe I will get lucky and win! Or maybe I need to shop a different Whole Foods?!? Either way I can’t wait to get my hands on some Buccaneer bars and try out this recipe!!!

  18. DanielleinDC

    the two newest are Snap! and Thumbs Up! And sometimes I order them online, or I can get them at Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats. There’s also a limited selection at my local Whole Foods.

  19. Marci F

    Love my Snap!, and can’t wait to try the new Thumbs Up. I buy my chocolate Go Max Go goodness at Whole Foods Park Lane in Dallas!

  20. Shell

    The Thumbs up and the Snap are the two newest flavors.
    Both sound delicious but Thumbs Up is a must try for me.
    I get my Go Max Go bars at either the local Whole Foods (which sometimes carries a couple of flavors) or Vegan Essentials which has better prices and seems to ALWAYS have them =D

  21. Vegyogini

    I believe Thumbs Up and Snap are the two newest. I buy GoMax bars at either Locali or Follow Your Heart in LA. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Carey Ruhl

    Thumbs Up and Snap! I go to Whole Foods in Beaverton, OR and wish I could buy all the bars every time I shop! πŸ™‚

  23. Amy Sheets

    Snap and thumbs up are the newest! I still can’t find thumbs up anywhere local, so I might have to order it online soon – I can’t wait to try it! I get my vegan candy from Discount Health in Michigan. Thanks for the yummy recipes and this amazing giveaway!!

  24. Laviyah

    Thumbs Up and Cleo’s are the two new ones I think. I buy mine at Whole Foods and anywhere else that sells them, that I may happen to be at the time.

  25. Katie

    Snap and Thumbs Up, I have to buy them from Vegan Essentials because the only place within a 50 mile radius that was selling them stopped.

  26. Leigh O.

    Thumbs Up and Snap. I get mine at Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park, CA. Love Go Max Go!

  27. Ashley

    Mmmm! Snap and Thumbs Up are the newest two, and I get mine at the Oakland Whole Foods πŸ™‚

  28. veganliciousLJ

    Snap! and Thumbs Up are the newest flavors. I’ve had the Snap! and I love it…haven’t gotten to try the Thumbs Up yet, but I’d like to win so that I can!

    I used to buy Go Max Go at the Whole Foods on South Street, but those jerks stopped carrying them! I’ve ordered online from Vegan Essentials, but I could just take my lazy butt out to West Philly and get them at Mariposa Co-Op.

  29. Shannon Noel

    Snaps and thumbs up! I am lucky enough to get my candy fix at Food Fight! in Portland

  30. elyssajo

    Thumbs up and Snap! Me, my mom and my boyfriend get out bars from the Concord Coop in Concord, NH.

    P.S. Big ups on choosing my favorite vegan to blog! Melissa is the best there is.

  31. Anonymous

    thumbs up and snap! i tried my very first bar [twilight] from cincinnati natural foods, and i also get them from our local whole foods. so yummy!

  32. Tyme

    Oh, SNAP! I will gladly give 2 thumbs up to anyone in this godforsaken vegan desert who will carry THUMBS UP and any other Go Max Go bars. For now, they live on my Vegan Essentials wish list. Even though I am still a #GoMaxGoVirgin, if @Melisser says they are worthy, they must be. That woman knows her desserts!

  33. Laura

    Thumbs Up and Snap are the latest candy bar creations of Go Max Go Foods. I purchase some of the their candy bars at Whole Foods, in Johns Creek, GA, but that location does not stock either of these right now.

  34. Sara Michelle

    Thumbs Up and Snap!
    I purchase at the Whole Foods headquarters in Austin, TX! Represent! πŸ™‚ I used to get them at the Whole Foods at The Domain as well.

  35. Jen O

    Two newest types are Snap and Thumbs Up and sadly I’ve yet to try either. We get our Go Max Go products at Wegmans in Wilkes Barre, Pa.

  36. Hayley Erickson

    That looks sooo good! I love Vegan sweets! πŸ™‚ I’ve never had Go Max Go Candy bars before, but I think I would love the Thumbs Up Bar! Peanut Butter and chocolate is my guilty pleasure! :3

  37. Aimee

    The new Go Max Go candy bar flavors are Thumbs Up and Snap! I buy them at Whole Foods in Miami, FL! =)

  38. Debra

    Snap! and Thumbs Up. I typically have to order online from Vegan Essentials, as the Whole Foods near me is small and doesn’t have the shelf space to offer the array of Go Max Go candy bars.

  39. Beth

    Snaps and thumbs up are the two newest flavors! LOVE thumbs up! I buy my go max go bars at Whole Foods here in Northern VA as well as at Wegmans!

  40. Lisa Burkey

    Snap and Thumbs up I work at Whole Foods and loovvvvve them I am Lactose Intolerant and these candy bars are fantabulous

  41. Crystal Tremblay

    Snap! and Thumbs Up (which is my new fav), which I buy from Bellingham, MA, Cranston and Providence, RI Whole Foods πŸ™‚

  42. Julie F.

    Snap & Thumbs up are the newest flavors. The only place I can get your products is Whole Foods. As long as I can get there before someone else cleans them out!

  43. Alison

    I love Jokers, and I get my Go Max Go candy bars at Alameda Natural Grocery in Alameda, CA.

  44. Monica

    Thumbs up & snap! Haven’t tried snap yet. I usually go to whole foods in Santa Monica, CA.

  45. Lydia Claire

    Snap! and Thumbs Up are the two newest ones. I buy mine from Whole Foods Market!

  46. Autumn

    Snap and Thumbs up are the two newest ones, and we buy Go Max Go candy bars at Wegmans! What a great idea to use Buccaneers in a brownie recipe! Those are my favorite! πŸ™‚

    • Alex K

      Yep, Thumbs Up and SNAP! I do like me a Thumbs Up. I ask most stores I go into if they have Go Max Go candy bars, and will usually buy a Jokerz or a Twilight if they do. Once found them in a liquor store in Haight-Ashbury! But yeah, like she said, we get ours from the source!

      These brownies look yummy. I bet they taste even better… πŸ˜›

  47. Sarah

    Snap! mans Thumbs Up. I buy mine at Roots Market in Clarksville, Maryland.

  48. susan

    Snap and Thumbs Up. Sadly they don’t these newest bars and the Whole Foods Upper West Side, NYC,where I purchase my Go Max Go bars.

  49. Carol

    Thumbs Up and Snap! We buy ours at Food Fight Vegan Grocers in Portland! Whole Foods & New Seasons also carry them but we like to give our money to Vegan Companies when at all possible!

  50. Matt

    Snap and thumbs up. I buy them at Food Fight, Whole Foods and New Seasons when ever I step inside one if those places.

  51. Kim

    Snap and Thumbs up are the newest. I just bought some Go Max Go candy bars the other day at Viva la Vegan Express

  52. Sabrina

    Snaps and Thumbs Up. I will be buying mine from Whole Foods in Little Rock, AR, if I ever get the time to get there, or from a vegan cafe in Memphis. Whichever place I get to first. Sadly there is no place local (both are over an hour away from me! Sad face).

  53. Marisa

    My power of deduction leads me to believe that the new bars are snap and thumbs up! I’ll have to look for theses at vegan haven here in seattle. Oh yum!!!

  54. Melissa

    The newest flavors are Thumbs Up and Snap. I purchase your candy bars from Wegman’s.

  55. Nick Brungardt

    I have never ever had any of Go Max Go’s Candy bars! I cannot find them at any of the stores here locally. They all look really good. I think a Thumbs Up, Snap! or a Buccaneer Bar would be awesome to try.

  56. Angel Fisher-Poling

    Thumbs up, and Snap! Whole Foods, Sawmill Rd, Columbus, Ohio, And btw! Yummmm!! Now THIS is what I’m talking about!

  57. Maria

    Buccaneer brownie recipe sounds yum. flax seed allergy in my home- will it be good without flax? newest is Thumbs Up. I bought it at Go Grocer 2930 n sheridan in Chicago (I don’t find them at Whole Foods anymore). to me newest : Thumbs Up- Cleo’s and Snap. thats the order i found/had them.

    • Melisser

      Hi Maria, they could be done without flax, but will not have a crackled top and the texture will be different. I think you’ll still find them delicious!

  58. SaRah

    I love gomaxgo! my fav thing in the world and this is perfect for me to stuff my single self face on valentines day. so snap and two thumbs up which i finally found at viva la vegan in rancho cucamonga! yay!

  59. SaRah

    I love gomaxgo! xoxoxo my fav thing in the world and this is perfect for me to stuff my single self face on valentines day. so snap and two thumbs up which i finally found at viva la vegan in rancho cucamonga! yay!

  60. Omer

    Snap! and Thumbs Up. I buy mine in my local vegan market – Food Fight! in Portland, Or.

  61. Jeanette

    Snap! And Thumbs Up are the latest and greatest. I get mine either at Wegmans or Greenstar Co-ol in Ithaca, NY. Cheers!

  62. Anonymous

    Mahalo and Cleo’s! Though I haven’t tried thumbs up yet. Whole Foods mt. Pleasant, SC πŸ™‚

  63. Cadry

    The two newest flavors are Snaps and Thumbs Up. Go Max Go bars aren’t sold locally, and so I keep an eye out for them when I’m in a town with a Whole Foods.

  64. Amber G.

    Thumbs up (which I really want to try but have been unable to locate) and Snap are the newest additions to the GoMaxGo lineup. I usually get my bars from Food Fight vegan grocery or other online retailers.

  65. Danna

    Snap and Thumbs Up (love them!) . I buy my bars at Thyme and Season or Whole Foods.

  66. Sara

    I would definitely make these brownies!

    What are the two newest Go Max Go candy bar flavors AND where do you buy your Go Max Go bars?
    1. Snap! & Thumbs Up
    2. Whole Foods – That’s where I’ve discovered these vegan candy bars!

  67. Jonathan

    Thumbs up and Snap are the new ones. We do most of our shopping at Whole Foods.

  68. Gwen Lehmkuhl

    Snap &. thumbs up! Earthfare and a two hr drive to whole foods!!!

  69. Maryann D.

    The two new flavors are Thumbs Up and Snap. I can buy these at Whole Foods stores near by.

  70. Suzy

    The 2 new bars are Snap and Thumbs Up. I get my Go Max Go fix at Healthy Alternative in Florence, KY. (But they’re always running out of Jokerz, so I may have to start ordering online!).

    Those brownies sound awesome!!

  71. Samantha Vi

    Thumbs Up and Snap and I have never found them in a store by me. I was lucky enough to receive a gf sampling directly from Go Max Foods and now I’m hoping they will soon be available at my local HFS, Tastebuds on Staten Island.

  72. Amanda D.

    Thumbs Up and Snap! I buy mine at our local Wegmans. They always have Jokerz, Twilight, Mahalo and Cleo’s, but they haven’t gotten Thumbs Up yet, which we love! I’m going to try this recipe with Twilight bars and see how it comes out. πŸ™‚

  73. Molly

    Snap and thumbs up! I get them from Harvest market in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

  74. Angela

    Snap and Thumbs Up, but I haven’t seen a Thumbs Up locally. I go to Whole Foods in Baton Rouge, LA.

  75. Jenny g

    Snap and thumbs up, but I still haven’t tried the Cleo’s either! We buy ours at wegmans or whole foods, happy to have moved a little closer to both than we used to be, but it has cut down on our candy bar budget!

    Your recipe sounds delicious!

  76. Sharon

    Snap! And Thumbs Up are the newest flavors. I have to buy mine online because I can’t find them in any local stores. I’ve driven 30 minutes to health food stores looking! I hope I win.

  77. Tiffaney Hobson

    Thumbs Up ans Snap – Vegan Essentials (online) is where I buy them! Wish I could get them closer!

  78. John

    Mahalo and Cleo’s our my fav but then again all the Go max go products are amazing!

  79. Susan

    Thumbs Up and Snap. I used to buy go max bars at Whole Foods and Martins, but haven’t seen them lately.

  80. Nashvegan

    Thumbs Up and Snap! are the newest bars. I buy them from Vegan Essentials – nowhere in Nashville sells them! TRAGEDY!

  81. Sylvie Jaspen

    Snap & Thumbs Up are the newest Go max go bars! I order mine from vegan essentials

  82. Nixx

    Snap! (yummmm) and Thumb’s Up. I get mine at Wegmans πŸ™‚ (I also love the Mahalo bars) πŸ™‚

  83. Katy

    Snap and thumbs up are the two newest ones. I haven’t gotten to try them yet :/

    I buy my go max go bars at whole foods market!!

  84. Kathy mussack

    These look delicious! I would love to win the go max candy bars!!

  85. Stacy

    The two newest bars are Thumbs Up & Snap. I used to be able to buy Go Max Go Bars at Whole Foods, but the last few times I shopped there I didn’t even see a spot for them. Now I buy them online from veganessentials.com.

  86. Elizabeth B

    Ohhh “Snap!” and “Thumbs Up”! Whole Foods in Ann Arbor is where I get mine! I’ve seen a nice selection at the Meatless Market in London, ONT as well!

    You rock, Thanks!!

  87. Zoray Spielvogel

    Snap & Thumbs up. I live in Philly area & I do get them on line through Vegan Essentials & when I was in Denver from Nooch all vegan market.

  88. Caitlin Braucier

    Snap and Thumbs Up! I still haven’t got to try the latter, my Whole Foods doesn’t carry it yet πŸ™ Oh. And I get them at Whole Foods.

  89. odonchimeg Bayaraa

    Jokers is the one for me!!!!!! Unfortunately Whole foods stopped carrying them here, other health food store don’t have them! the only store that has it is the vegan store called Nooch here in Denver which is little driving distance for me. <3

  90. Sara Dobson

    Thumbs up & Snap…unfortunately I can’t get either of these bars near me – I’m dying to try Thumbs Up! Kimberton Whole Foods in Ottsville, PA has the other Go Max Go bars for when I have a craving!

  91. theresa hazard

    Snap & Thumbs Up. Lucky to have many Whole Foods Markets in Chicagoland!

  92. Rory

    Snap and Thumbs Up. I usually get Go Max Go bars at Vegan Haven (formerly Sidecar) but if I see them at PCC I occasionally get them there too.

  93. India L.

    Thumbs Up and Snap. I buy your bars at one of two vegan shops in NYC: Lulas and Dunwell Doughnuts. Great stuff!!!

  94. Tim Fowler

    Snap & Thumbs Up. I get my Go Max Go at Bamboo Natural Foods in St. Catharines. They’re great!

  95. Sharon Welnhofer

    SNAP! and Thumbs Up- We get our fix of GoMaxGo bars at Earth Fare and Whole Foods in Charlotte, NC!!

  96. marc bernstein

    i give u a thumbs up snap my fingers n go 2 follow your heart πŸ™‚

  97. Elisabeth

    Snap! and Thumbs Up! are the newest πŸ™‚ I buy my bars at Whole Foods and on Vegan Essentials online store.

  98. Lauren Order

    β€œThumbs Up” & β€œSnap.” When my local Whole Foods has them in stock, I buy my bars there, otherwise I order them from Vegan Essentials. I ordered a bunch of the Thumbs Up bars for myself and my boyfriend for the holidays this yearβ€”they’re so good!

  99. emily

    snaps and thumbs up.. im new to go max go but i picked up my first couple of bars from dun-well donoughts in williamsburg brooklyn..

  100. susan

    thumbs up and snap. i buy mahalo and cleo’s from whole foods mt. pleasant SC. still waiting on them to get the new bars! πŸ™‚