Twilight Tornado Recipe + another awesome giveaway!

Twilight TornadoAfter hearing requests for Blizzards and Flurries from my last giveaway post, I thought I would give the public what they want! I’m calling this recipe a Twilight Tornado, but it could just as easy be a Mahalo Milkshake, a Buccaneer Blizzard, or a SNAP! Shake.

Making the perfect milkshake can be tough to get right! Whether it’s too much liquid or not enough, the ratio is very important. Here’s my take on the classic shake!

Twilight Tornado
Serves 1 to 2

2 cups non-dairy ice cream
1/4 cup non-dairy milk
1 Twilight bar or Go Max Go bar of your choice, chopped.

Put the ice cream and non-dairy milk in a blender and whirl until combined. It may take a seconds for the ice cream to really get blended, but DON’T add more liquid, it will work itself out!

Add your chopped candy bar to the blender and pulse, until the candy bar is distributed throughout  your shake and pieces are chopped to your liking.

That’s IT! Super simple, rich, and delicious. Enjoy!

Now, you know I’ve been the giveaway queen lately and that is STILL the case! Let’s keep the good times rolling with another sweet giveaway, this time to TWO winners, who will get one of each amazing Go Max Go Candy Bar! woo.
There are TONS of ways to enter below, don’t miss out, winner announced Tuesday!

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47 Responses to “Twilight Tornado Recipe + another awesome giveaway!”

  1. Lea J.

    I haven’t had a milk shake in….at least, oh, ten years. I may just have a reason to now.

  2. Sandi

    Oh yeah – I’m gonna have to pick up some twilight bars for this one!

  3. Jennifer Niederbremer

    Thar sounds great! Got to try it^^ I love Twilight, its my favorite.

  4. Ashley Alexander

    I might have to pick up some Coconut Bliss ice cream and Go Max Go bar or two…or three! Yum!!! Thanks for another great recipe!

  5. Sierra

    Twilight. I’m now obsessed with the idea of a Twilight Tornado. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Alison F.

    I think a Thumbs Up would be very tasty in a milk shake!

  7. Hayley Erickson

    Vegan Milkshake!? Why have I not thought of this before!? I hope I win so I can try it with your candy bar! 🙂

  8. Rachel

    I’ve never tried your candy bars (yet…) but I’ve always loved PB cups, so I have to say Cleo’s!

  9. Beth

    I can’t believe I never thought to do this before!! I would throw a couple of Cleo’s in my shake. Peanut butter and chocolate, you can’t go wrong!!

  10. Katie G

    I would put Mahalo in my milkshake and make it tropical!