Viva La Vegan Grocery + WINNER time!

Viva La Vegan!Happy Tuesday all! Melisser here and today, we’re showing some love for The Largest Vegan Grocery Store on Earth, Viva La Vegan! With two locations in California, we’re stoked they carry Go Max Go Candy Bars for your eating pleasure. Also, they ship internationally, which is appropriate with last week’s international candy bar giveaway. Thank you Viva La Vegan for showing your Go Max Go love on Instagram.

We had over 100 entries from all over the world and we loved your answers to which seven bars you would pick. Most of you seemed to have a hard time choosing. Trust me, we have a hard time choosing which one to eat as well!

I have a new recipe up my sleeve coming up for Friday. Maybe, just maybe, there will be a giveaway to go with it.

Alright, let’s get to the WINNER! Congratulations to Tami, who said:

“I just gave Go Max Go bars to my whole family for Valentine’s Day, so I need to replenish my stash!
I would chose:
2 Jokerz
2 Snap!
1 Twilight,
2 Mahalo”

Great choice, Tami. Please email to claim your prize!

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Until next time! x

One Response to “Viva La Vegan Grocery + WINNER time!”

  1. GoMaxGo

    a visit to viva la vegan…definitely on my bucket list!!! thanks for showing go max go some love VLV 🙂