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Easy as “no bake” (Mahalo) Pie!!

             Hello there, I am Elisabeth aka the Czech Vegan! You might know my vegan recipes from the Vegetarian Times Magazine, my blog ( ), Eating Well cookbook and magazine, or from various blog sites where some of them appeared as guest blogger posts. When I am not cooking or baking, I am working as… Read more »


here’s the deet’s direct from our facebook page: it’s a win/win GIVEAWAY! 3 winners (picked randomly) will recieve 7 go max go bars each. nice, right? get’s better…first winner will have $100 bucks donated (in their name) to a charity of their choice! winners two & three will each have 50 bucks donated (in their… Read more »

and the winners are….

bernadette sessions! dandies & 14 go max go bars. salena gomez! mini mallows, a tote, & 7 candy bars. we couldn’t stop there so 7 candy bars each to rachel Xvx jordaon, zippity doo da, zakiyyah moorehead & ashley v leslie! woot! thanks to everyone that entered & keep yer peepers open cuz we’re plannin’… Read more »

And the winnahs are…

hi kids. we just completed our random “fishing of the names in a big blue bowl” ceremony & here are the names of the winners (btw, we upped the number of winners from 3 to 7 because, well, why not?): nora allen, cort caldwell, christina oura, cera rivers, stephanie nicole medoff, dave, & dina v…. Read more »

Giveaway, Giveaway, who wants a Giveaway?!?

well, in honor of absolutely nothing we’re having a little contest. just leave a comment here or head on over to our FB page & check in there…that’s all you have to do to be entered. easy as pie. mmmmmm. pie. we’re going to pick 3 winners at random & each of those winners… Read more »

Animal Testing Sucks, FB is Lame, so here we Go (blog) Go!

hello! welcome to the blog that has taken forever to get started. if we hadn’t had a post removed by FB just yesterday, i probably would’ve taken another couple of months to sit down & say hiya. we’re thinking of breaking up with FB. call us crazy but we like our communication uncensored…it’s just how… Read more »

Welcome To Our Bomb-Diggity New Website!

hello and welcome to our new site! we’d like to thank r-b design + interactive for the amazing work. we hope the new “where to buy” feature, an interactive map, will make finding your go max go that much easier. thank you all for your support! we hope you’ll come back and check out the… Read more »