here’s the deet’s direct from our facebook page:
it’s a win/win GIVEAWAY! 3 winners (picked randomly) will recieve 7 go max go bars each. nice, right? get’s better…first winner will have $100 bucks donated (in their name) to a charity of their choice! winners two & three will each have 50 bucks donated (in their names) to charities of their choice! just leave a what up here & you’re entered! winner’s will be announced around noonish on sunday.
*we wouldn’t dream of telling anybody what charity to support, but we can’t support any charity that tests on animals so we ask that you respect that, mmmkay? thanks & good luck y’all
thar ya go! see ya sunday 🙂


  1. Lauren

    What up! These bars would be great to share with my mom and boyfriend. The charity is such a great bonus. I already have a few animal rights orgs. in mind.

    • GoMaxGo

      whoops…hi lauren! that post was for a giveaway that we did in december. the giveaway for this month starts friday & will be part of a blog entry from melisser elliot (our guest blogger). come back & enter & check out what’s up 🙂

    • GoMaxGo

      hey alex…i love it too (whatever it is) 🙂 anyhoo…if you’re leaving a comment to enter the giveaway, it starts tomorrow & to enter you’re gonna want to comment on the new post by melisser (this post is from a giveaway we did in december). please come back & check it out…it’s gonna be good!!

  2. GoMaxGo

    hey guys…this post is from december & not the place you want to leave a comment to enter our february giveaway. that starts tomorrow & you’re gonna want to enter by leaving a comment under melisser’s post. don’t want anyone to miss an opportunity to win some free candy!!!

  3. Ashley

    I’ve been craving these so bad since I’ve been out of the country! Asked a friend to bring me one of each when she comes to visit.